ft podcast episode: rockython episode 4 – rocky iv (1985)

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With burning hearts, Paul, Jeff and Dave return to discuss 1985’s Rocky IV.

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“Burning Heart”

the funnel cloud is visible from the Kents’ front porch

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“Are…are you sure?”
“Those people need help. You can reach them. Nothing else matters, son. It’s in you to help.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready. If I know how. I can do all this stuff, but–”
“Clark, this isn’t about power. This isn’t about lifting the bus out of the water. Clark. You went back in. When Mrs. Ross told me–”
“Anyone would’ve–”
“No. They wouldn’t. And that’s how I know. That’s how I know you’re ready. Now I am too. And everyone else will catch up or they won’t. I like to think you’ll catch them either way. Now hurry.”
“What do I do?”

Clark looks down. We realize — he realizes– he’s already floating, up and away towards the danger.

ft podcast episode: superman, man of steel

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Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

From comics to animation, films, television and bedroom furnishings, Paul and Dave engage in a lengthy discussion of Superman, past and present. It all culminates in an extensive review of Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer’s Man of Steel.

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Read Paul’s spoiler free review of Man of Steel on iFanboy.com.

Music by Hans Zimmer

ft podcast episode: rockython episode 3 – rocky iii (1982)

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Rocky vs Apollo

Rising up, back on the street, Rockython continues with a discussion of 1982’s Rocky III!

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ft podcast episode: rockython episode 2 – rocky ii (1979)

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Paul, Dave and Jeff live outside their means leading up to a rematch with Apollo Creed in 1979’s ROCKY II!

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