ft podcast episode: superman, man of steel

June 17, 2013 § 7 Comments


Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

From comics to animation, films, television and bedroom furnishings, Paul and Dave engage in a lengthy discussion of Superman, past and present. It all culminates in an extensive review of Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer’s Man of Steel.

Listen to this episode.

Read Paul’s spoiler free review of Man of Steel on iFanboy.com.

Music by Hans Zimmer


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§ 7 Responses to ft podcast episode: superman, man of steel

  • kkylewindle says:

    This was a great, great discussion about Superman guys!
    About the film, your discussion made me look for redeeming moments for Jonathan and moments where Clark would see the good in humanity, and I came up with a few that maybe you could comment on:
    Jonathan talking to Clark about good character after watching him resist hitting the bully by the fence
    Lana standing up for Clark on the bus before it wrecks
    Pete helping Clark up after the bullies push him against the fence.
    The man on the boat saving Clark from the falling crate.
    The soldiers agreeing to attack the Kryptonian ship while Superman leaves to go to the World Engine
    Lois agreeing to go onboard Zod’s ship.

    Jonathan’s characterization was a huge problem for me as well, but hearing Kevin Costner talk about it, it’s clear that the actor believes that Clark’s character comes from the Kents, making it so frustrating that it wasn’t made more exclusive in the final film. I’d be interested in any deleted or extended scenes involving Jonathan to see if any of that was left on the editing room floor, so to speak. It’s also frustrating that it’s so hard to find good human moments that Superman sees, but I do think they’re there, just not as explicit or frequent as they should be.

    I have devoted a ton of brain power to this movie, and this discussion was a very, very good breakdown that addressed many of my problems with it and the things I liked about it, so thanks!

    • fuzzypodcast says:


      When it comes to Clark’s appreciation for humanity, so many of those moments feel buried. Or simply unplugged from the greater story. The film is asking the audience to connect a lot of dots on our own, and some are more forgiving of that. I’m not because, even when I connect those dots, the full picture is inconsistent and a bit sad.

  • swood1021@yahoo.com says:

    A very interesting one guys. I loved the discussion about how Superman was different for everyone. Your review of the movie however, sounded more like a screenplay critique than a movie review. I don’t think making a movie boils down to an equation were x+y=z. Film making is a art, not a science IMO and it doesn’t require this scene to show this and that scene to show that in order to equal a successful movie. Yes there are rules in film making but they can be bent or broken if you understand the medium and it is done with skill. A lot of the things you thought needed to be shown, I felt were inferred by the performances. I had a few issues with the movie but it ultimately worked for me much more than you guys. Hey, art is subjective!

    Love the series of Rocky reviews btw and can’t wait for the Cold War to be settled in the ring the way God intended.

    • fuzzypodcast says:

      I can respect that. Our discussion does lean more heavily towards script than to other aspects of the production. That’s our background though. And I’ll always believe that a great film starts with a great script. For you, it sounds like performances filled in a lot of the blanks. My stance is that a lot of potentially stellar performances were dragged down by fundamental inconsistencies in the storytelling. There’s a razor thin margin of error though, so it does seem to be very subjective.

  • Kendall says:

    Not sure how you feel about including links to other podcasts, but Empire interviews Snyder and Goyer, and they are pretty candid about some of the decisions made for the film. The interviews start at 50:09.


  • PowerDad (Jeff) says:

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed this Man of Steel podcast a lot. I found your take on the characters, story, and what you wanted it to be very insightful. Well done.

    Side-note: It’s funny, but often I’ll look at a Fuzzy Typewriter podcast length and say to myself, “OMG, this podcast is so long. There is no way I can devote the time to listen!” Then when the podcast ends I always find myself saying, “Wait, that’s it? Isn’t there more? I want more.” No joke, this has happened to me several times in the past.

  • Adam says:

    Enjoyed the show. With all the discussion in this podcast and on iFanboy, I don’t have much to add, but did want to bring up one minor point that I haven’t heard addressed yet. My take is that the DNA found within the skull is the codex as opposed to the codex being written on the skull. I assume it’s a sort of Kryptonian Mitochondrial Eve from which all their genetic material is derived. I would guess those runes are just ceremonial embellishments rather than representing the entire genome in written form. A little strange that their Mitochondrial Eve would be Australopithicine-like in appearance, but it worked well visually and communicated the ancient nature of the specimen. Okay, time to listen to Rocky IV.

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