ft podcast episode: luther: 3×3 & 3×4

September 11, 2013 § 2 Comments

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Paul, David and Jay enact vigilante justice on Luther series 3, episodes 3 and 4.

Listen to this episode.

“Never Gonna Give You Up”
The Black Keys


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§ 2 Responses to ft podcast episode: luther: 3×3 & 3×4

  • Jason Grigsby says:

    I enjoyed listening to both this and the previous podcast on series 3. It was fun to hear the different perspectives.

    My wife and I just started watching Luther a couple weeks ago. So we watched Series 1, 2 and 3 within a 10 day period.

    I think watching them in short succession made Series 3 fit better than if you had a long wait between them.

    In particular, what I found fascinating about Series 3 is how it, combined with the previous episodes, makes the viewer start to question if Luther is a corrupt cop. The scene with all the photos of the people who have been associated with Luther who have died is striking.

    So like Ripley, you spend time thinking, “Well maybe Luther really does deserve this.” And it takes Marwood to reset the character and make you realize that Luther has never killed a single person. He has been framed. He has been blackmailed. His worst act was letting Madsen fall.

    That’s not to say that he is innocent. But during Series 3, you start to wonder about him, and the contrast with Marwood is essential to seeing the other side.

    All that said, why the viewer has doubts about Luther. The fact Ripley does never made sense to me. His actions in Series 3 are hard to reconcile.

    In the podcast, you mention Luther leaving Mary and how his decision to leave her wasn’t explained well. It seemed clear to me that Mary left Luther. She turned away when he leaned in. She may no longer hate him or think that Stark and Gray were correct about Luther, but she doesn’t want the relationship to continue even if Luther does.

    Speaking of Stark, I completely agree that his character was misused and an opportunity lost. This was the biggest flaw of Series 3.

    You also mentioned the unrealistic aspects of the show. The thing I found the most unrealistic was the lack of use of technology.

    You hang up the phone. Your husband goes to find your cat in the attic. His head comes through the ceiling. You don’t dial the cops? You ditch your phone and hide in a closet? Huh?

    There is a terrorist randomly killing people. Come to find out, he has a twin brother. His picture isn’t all over the news? He can walk into a café and sit down for a cup of joe?

    Those are just two examples, but there are numerous throughout the series.

    To summarize, I think that if you watched the episodes in succession, you would find that some of the character moments are better earned than you think. In particular, the redemption of Luther and the decision to go with Mary (she’s the only one he has left). But overall, I agree that Series 3 could have been better and has some inexplicable misses.

  • Jason Grigsby says:

    OMG, that should say, “the decision to go with Alice”. Alice is the best. Can’t believe I wrote Mary. 🙂

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