ft podcast episode: true detective: 1×2 ‘seeing things’

January 21, 2014 § 1 Comment


Paul, Dave and iFanboy’s Conor Kilpatrick discuss “Seeing Things,” the second episode of HBO’s True Detective. With impunity.

Listen to this episode.


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  • Jess says:

    Just started listening to these because I wanted to talk to someone about TD but none of my friends were watching 😦

    I think the characterisations of Martin & Rust are a little different to what you’ve expressed so far (but i haven’t listened to your most recent podcast so not sure if you delve into it more)

    Martin – is used to being the alpha male bully type. A proud peacock who puffs out his chest and uses his force of personality and sense of entitlement to gain what he wants. His character can seem big and imposing but the juxtaposition is that Rust is truly dangerous. Martin is only dangerous if you get in the way of what he wants, Rust is truly dangerous because you’re not quite sure what he wants, or if he wants anything – you cant bargain or bully Rust off course. I think Martin trusts Rust as a good detective but fears him because Rust exposes stuff about Martin that he doesn’t really want to think on – Rust is a harsh mirror and Martin doesn’t want to see himself truly.

    Rust – contrasted with Martin doesn’t look intimidating (slight and bookish in the 90s). Rust might be a psychopath, have Aspergers or depression, cant put my finger on it but he doesn’t care about his position in life, he doesnt seem to really have emotional needs the same way others do and that makes him hard to bully and manipulate. He has decided his life is unnecessary unless it serves a purpose, not that the role he plays gives him emotional satisfaction. I think the reason he contemplates allowing your own crucifixion is that every day he decides to live this fake life (in the 90s) where he’s playing nice with ppl whereas in the 00’s that is his pure form unrestrained. He appears to use substances for purely pragmatic reasons not because he enjoys them. I think he likes kids because in some ways they’re like him – in that they are unrestrained by convention – they havent yet learnt to fear honesty. And maybe he finds their innocence curious. I think he follows the missing girl case because he’s just curious – he needs to solve things.

    I think the comparison between the two and the ‘true detective’ title – I’m tempted to think Rust is the true detective – only interested in the case, not bothered with expectations and hierarchy. But Martin is the ‘successful’ detective by normal standards – he plays the part, climbs the ladder and gets the job done. Martin is really emotional and volatile but Rust is pragmatic and dangerous.

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