ft podcast episode: mad men: 7×3 ‘field trip’

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Mad Men - Episode 7.03 - Field Trip - Promotional Photos (5)

Paul and Rebecca discuss an episode of Mad Men so udderly uncomfortable, you’ll wish it were yesterday.

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Music by Jimi.

ft podcast episode: mad men: 7×2 ‘a day’s work’

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Paul, Rebecca and David set up the contraption for a bi-coastal discussion of Valentine’s Day 1969!

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ft podcast episode: mad men: 7×1’time zones’

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Paul and Rebecca discuss Mad Men‘s seventh season premiere, and Paul is delighted to discover he wasn’t alone in his opinion of the dastardly Ken Cosgrove!

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Vanilla Fudge


ft podcast episode: justified: 5×13 ‘restitution’

April 13, 2014 § 1 Comment


Paul, Dave and Jay leave Harlan alive with a discussion of the series 5 finale.

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Patty Loveless

ft podcast episode: justified: 5×12 ‘starvation’

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Grab some root beer or an apple juice. We’re almost home.

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ft podcast episode: justified: 5×11 ‘the toll’

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Gotcha! Right in the Art!

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