ft podcast episode: true detective: 1×7 ‘after you’ve gone’

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Paul, Rebecca and David sing a torch song for the penultimate installment of the Adventures of Rust and Marty, Friends Forever.

Listen to this one.


the funnel cloud is visible from the Kents’ front porch

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“Are…are you sure?”
“Those people need help. You can reach them. Nothing else matters, son. It’s in you to help.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready. If I know how. I can do all this stuff, but–”
“Clark, this isn’t about power. This isn’t about lifting the bus out of the water. Clark. You went back in. When Mrs. Ross told me–”
“Anyone would’ve–”
“No. They wouldn’t. And that’s how I know. That’s how I know you’re ready. Now I am too. And everyone else will catch up or they won’t. I like to think you’ll catch them either way. Now hurry.”
“What do I do?”

Clark looks down. We realize — he realizes– he’s already floating, up and away towards the danger.

weird romance

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SC_WeirdRomance_Cover_Final2 copy

Paul, Dave and a host of close friends and Fuzzy Typewriter irregulars including Jay Stringer, Cameron Rice, Timmy Wood and more have contributed to Weird Romance: A Sparrow & Crowe Anthology. It’s available right now on Amazon for your Kindle. Isn’t that lovely?

What’s that slithering from the murky depths? What foul Evil plunges icy daggers into your still-beating heart? What strange beast is this? What is this red rage that drives a man to madness? Ah, it’s love.

In the second prose anthology featuring occult detective Doctor Xander Crowe and his partner Sparrow, our investigative duo tackles that most arcane of human elements: amour.

WEIRD ROMANCE features eleven tales of enchantment, intimacy, and—naturally—the occult, as Sparrow and Crowe find themselves involved in the strangest and most lovesick of cases: a macabre swampland fairytale, a haunted bakery on Valentine’s Day, a nightclub songbird with more than a taste for men, a double date gone awry, a severed head that continues to talk, a love potion with unexpected results, the tragic quest of a forelorn knight from ages past… all tales from the darkest chambers of the human heart.

WEIRD ROMANCE features new, original stories from Sparrow & Crowe co-creators David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers, as well as a host of new and familiar contributors, including Joshua Alan Doetsch (Strangeness in the Proportion), Jay Stringer (Old Gold), Christa Nahhas (Weird Winter Stories), Caroline Pruett (Chicks Dig Comics), Paul Montgomery (Sparrow & Crowe Halloween Special), Darren Thomas, Timmy Wood, Cameron Rice, and Tiffiny Kaye Whitney (Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery)!

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